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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Kindle Breakdown!

I'm just back from a four-day trip to the UK. While there I read through Sons of Gods once more on my Kindle and found hundreds of things to improve. I bookmarked them all diligently and planned to make the changes on my PC early this morning (Sunday).

So there I was at 6 am all ready and rearing to go and..... WHAT?????!!!!!!
My Kindle screen is only half visible. There's a small dent in it! I can't read a thing!

I had brought it back from London in my backpack and it must have been damaged on the way.
First thing I did was order a new Kindle, but then I cancelled the order because I heard that Amazon's Customer Service is .... rather generous.

I called them at 7 am (on a Sunday!) and told them what had happened. Immediately they agreed to replace it, free of charge; all I have to do is return the damaged Kindle.
So: Thank you, Amazon!

I have, however, lost all those bookmarks. I'll have to read the whole thing again and hopefully re-discover all the details that need changing. It really is only a matter of tiny, tiny details. Should be OK.

I'm thinking of publication around Christmas.

PS. The new Kindle arrived next day, Monday, at 9 am, Special Delivery! Now, that's what I call Customer Service.


Passive Income Author said...

The exact same thing happened to me. It was tough to go without my Kindle while Amazon replaced it, but you're right, their customer service was kind :-)

Now every time I wake it from sleep, I'm a little scared...

Aruna Sharan said...

Get protection! Now! I got a very nice leather case for mine and now I can sleep MUCH better. I almost sat on it yesterday, but I think it would have survived. It's also easier to read this way, I think.
Thanks for your comment!