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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Karna -- the anti-villain.

From the video:

"Karna is the character I think our audience will most identify with, the ones the girls will hate to love and love to hate. He's the most tragic and misunderstood member of the cast. The 'Hamlet'. Karna is a handsome, hawkish, brooding man, burdened with guilt. He's the boy most likely to succeed, until it all went wrong."

I would like to add: Karna is also brave, loyal, trustworthy, compassionate, unselfish, and the greatest Giver of all time. He is unforgettable. I wrote this whole book, really, in Karna's honour.

The story of Karna is the main subplot of Sons of Gods, and the video above perfectly captures his story as told in Sons of Gods. The main reason I was so dissatisfied with all the Mahabharatas I read as a young girl in India was that I fell in love with Karna early on, but could not find a single book which did his character justice. He seemed as neglected in literature as his character is in the story; the whole tragedy of his life often buried beneath the exploits of his noble half-brother, Arjuna. 

I wanted Karna to be the lynch-pin of the story. Without him, there would be no Mahabharata. 

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